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Mission Statement

Celebrating our Differences. 


At AWOOO we love fashion, we love children and teens, and we love being different! AWOOO Mag is all about celebrating those differences and showcasing diversity, through integrating every aspect of Gen Z culture into our magazine. 

Our vision is to shine a positive light on all of the amazing models, designers, and professionals who are effecting a positive change in the children’s fashion industry and in the world in general. While we love fashion, we are also passionately interested in fostering important discussions that need to be had in our day and age. We want all children, teens, and adults to find this magazine a safe and inspiring haven. Through our features and articles we support children actors, entrepreneurs, musicians, and more who are working so hard to create a space for themselves and to change the world. 



We are primarily aimed at youth 8-18 years old, and their parents. We focus a lot of our articles on injustice issues in the world in order to foster discussion and thought, while keeping things kid-friendly. We also focus on success stories in order to inspire everyone to achieve their greatest potential. 


While fashion is heavily featured in our magazine, we also focus on all of the aspects of childhood in this day and age.

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