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Artist Space... In COLOR

In any given city, there will be one neighborhood that brims with stunning graffiti. Usually the area is filled with artists who create in one form or another, and brings a feeling of warmth and excitement to those who walk through it. Good food and an ambiance that caters to creativity is usually found. Los Angeles' art distric is the epitome of that feeling, with radiant colors everywhere and bold graphic backgrounds to discover around every corner. This neighborhood was the perfect fit to shoot these new suits by BESTONU KID Celebrity. The brand is known for its colorful style. Each suit perfectly matched its wearer's personality, and the kids felt joyous and comfortable in these statement pieces. These are just a few of the examples of the fashion available through BESTONU KID Celebrity. You can also find on their site the perfect sneakers for your red carpet as well as some stunning evening wear that is sure to turn heads.

Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography

Tanya Miles @ozuricouture

BestONu Kid Celebrity @bestonukid

Steven Weitz @stevierayallen Zuri Miles @zuri_miles Alisha Liston @alishaliston Siennah Michaela @siennhamichaela_ Victoria Field @thevictoriafield

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