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Barefoot Winter

The winters of california are something special. The air is crisp, but children are still playing barefoot.

These bright and colorful coats from ANEMONE are made out of vintage repurposed quilts. They are the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe whether you are living in sunny California or in the middle of Vermont where the owner of ANEMONE lives. @anemone.vt Handmade with passion and love, each coat is completely unique and features lovely accents that elevate these into fashion pieces that everyone will comment about and that will become an heirloom piece to pass down in the family.

We paired the coats with adorable crochet hats by Kate from @letmebeyourfancytea who chose the colors to match the coats beautifully. These cozy hats are not only warm, but the epitome of cuteness and were just the right touch to bring this whole colorful vintage look to completion.

Adorable trio of sisters, Kalea, Luana and Nalani played around the roots of a magnificent tree while we shot in warm afternoon light. The whole thing was reminiscent of days spent at grandma's farm, enjoying sunny afternoons while waiting for a feast that ends in the most delicious apple pie and ice cream dish.

Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography

ANEMONE @anemone.vt
Let Me Be Your Fancy Tea

Kalea Luana and Nalani Hoshi

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