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Gorgeous in her silver lavender dress Camila is the epitome of grace in this shoot by Sylwia Urbaniak. Camila Silva is a 10 year old actress and model represented by @district_modelandtalent across the board, in the Los Angeles industry. Camila loves art, fashion, and music. In school her favorite subjects are writing, art, and math. She just graduated fifth grade, closing the year with an academic award, and is very excited to start middle school next August, when she turns 11. When she’s not painting or crafting something, she’s on the computer playing games with her group of friends, swimming in the pool, or helping out her father on their family martial arts dojo. She also likes to compose songs and keeps them all documented on a special notebook because she plans to put it all out in video clips one day. Camila has a fun and creative personality, loves her family and friends deeply and is very dedicated to her relationships, responsibilities, and projects. She’s disciplined and committed to always give her best!

Sylwia Urbaniak @seeworldthrumyeyes

Camila Silva @camilasilva_official

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