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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Let's be honest, I've always had a soft spot for Villains, mostly because they get to do the things we sometimes wish we could get away with... The new Disney live action Cruella movie, was another perfect origin story, making our well known villain into someone that we could really relate to and even forgive. I honestly hope there is more to come from Disney as far as Villains origin stories because I am all about learning the "true" nature of these characters. As photographers and designers we couldn't have been more inspired by the movie and the absolute magical costuming department. So we set out to do our own little take on Cruella. From her school days to her magnificent gowns, we covered it all, even taking Estella's fashion to a new level. I hope our cosplay inspired you to create your own Cruella character, because everyone deserves to feel a little bit bad, and a whole lot bold once in a while.

Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography

Make Up:
Cristina Olivito @cristina_olivito
Erica Chism @ericasdarlingdays

Leilani Dumlao Hunter @ladyshear

Ozuri Couture @ozuricouture

Victoria Rose @victoriarose_official Ellie Rose Gonzalez @Ellie.rose.gonzalez Erica Rose Gonzalez @erica.rose.gonzalez Prezley Tompkins @miss_p_dancer Violet Nicole Sanchez @violetanicks Siennah Michaela @siennahmichaela_ Zuri Miles @zuri_miles Jolene Matamoros @jolenematamoros Victoria Field @thevictoriafield
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