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Natural Beauty

Focusing on skin care during the winter brought to us the idea for this editorial. A way to showcase all skins, in combination with nature. With Seraphine Botanicals, a vegan and cruelty free brand of make-up and skin care, we were able to prep the models' skin first. Their line of botanical infused skincare is perfect for all skin types, even young skin. The focus for this editorial was their Rose and Coconut Hydrating Facial Mist and the Shisho Glow, a Pre-Primer Moisturizer. Once the skin was well hydrated, a thin layer of the Camelina + Strobe Luminizing Primer was the perfect touch before make up was applied. The Sugar and Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer was also used, along with the Cranberry + Dew Dewy Lip Remedy, leaving the models' lips completely hydrated and prepped for make-up.

Keeping with the theme of natural beauty care, we followed the prep with Seraphine Botanicals, with gorgeous foundations by Hey Honey! Their line of skincare focuses on two trusted and ancient ingredients. Honey and Propolis. Ingredients that have been used for centuries in beauty. Their Trick & Treat Concealer and Trick & Treat CC2 Cream was the perfect duo to make sure everyone's skin had the perfect glow.

Finally, to really make the flowers and eyes pop, we turned to the heavy hitter that always delivers: Colour Pop, another amazing cruelty free beauty brand. With their amazing shades, and the most perfect brow tools, it delivered. Clear, their brow gel that matches every brow color allowed us to create some stunning fluffy or natural eyebrows, depending on the model. We matched the palette to the models while keeping in the pink tones for everyone, finding their per- fect shade thanks to Play it Jewel, Secret Admirer and Smoke 'n Roses palettes.

Being careful about what products you use is becoming more and more important as we want to create a sustainable future in all facets of our lives. Luckily the last few years have brought forth so many amazing brands that focus not only on sustainability, but on going back to the roots of skin care. Paying close attention to the ingredients they use, and making sure that they are either cruelty free, or even fully vegan, these brands are making skin care and make-up something that we truly can enjoy without feeling any guilt. Labels can help us figure out which brands are dedicated to this change. Look for the bunny logos, which let you know that the brand is cruely free and doesn't test their products on animals. And then of course the V logos for vegan brands. Not all logos are equal though, and while some companies will come up with their own images to convey their message, you do have to look for third-party certification to be absolutely certain you are supporting a business that truly cares.

Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography

Make Up:
Cristina Olivito @cristina_olivito
Erica Chism @ericasdarlingdays


Valentina Flores Alisha Liston @alishaliston Charlie Townsend @charlierosetownsend
Kat Zander @katzander.official Mia Burns @officialmiaburns Zuri Miles @zuri_miles
Vivienne Rutherford @viviennerutherford
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