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Rainbow Ranch: Pride

There isn't much that makes me happier than a rainbow. When I first discovered this location I knew I wanted to really show case the colorful art that was all around the property. And the idea of fashion in all black and white that would contrast against the colors came to mind. Quick cut to me discussing my ideas with two amazing local designer friends and we were ready to get started.

Theresa L. from Little Animals Custom Designs was very excited to create some exquisite designs, inspired by the 60's mod movement. We had the best time hunting vintage footwear from the 60's to match the outfits that she created.

Tanya Miles, from Ozuri Couture then focused on another fun decade and created designs inspired by the 80s punk rock movement. She focused a lot on the music and the crazy hair fashion of the time. She came up with the most outrageous and fun outfits that contrasted perfectly the sweetness of Theresa's take on the 60s.

Rancho De Colores, or the Rainbow Ranch as we called it during the shoot, is just the most epic creative art project. Straight from the brain of artist Patrick Hasson, this is his personal art house and you can be sure to find a new art installation every single time you come here. Since the editorial, he's already added several tables, a new rainbow structure, repainted an entire outside floor, and created several planters that I adore! This spot is perfect for a photoshoot, or simply for those of us who love finding the craziest airbnb's and taking selfies there.

While there you can also purchase some amazing art and jeans that Patrick Hasson has painted himself. Just imagine yourself, in the quietude of the desert, completely surrounded by beautiful views, next to a piano painted in rainbow colors... Your spirits are sure to be lifted.

Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography Models:
Zuri Miles @zuri_miles
Lala Maldonado @ooh_lala_mal
Edith Claire
Victoria Field @thevictoriafield
Gavin Mathews @gavincmathews
Grae Mathews @graecartermathews
Mia Butler @life_with_mia_nina
Sloan Lewis @sloan_lewis_official Make Up:
Cristina Olivito @cristina_olivito Hair:
Leilani Dumlao Hunter @ladyshear
Theresa L. @little_animals_custom_designs
Tanya Miles @ozuricouture Location:
Rancho De Colores
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