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Sister's Trip

Azure Park Playtime. Two sister in the park on a glorious day. Reminiscent of playtime's in the past where crisp frilly cotton were the outfits of choice. These timeless beauties evoke feelings of innocence and joy. There is nothing like the special bond of a sister.

Claire is wearing a marvelous little eyelet dress in Azure by Chloe. The puffed sleeves and simple cut, highlight her beauty. Dylan wears a cotton stripe Marni Kid dress in cotton stripe with a detailed neckline. Her high bun keeps her cool while showing off the perfection of her dress.

We shot in Poway Park on a bright sunny day and wandered the green grass. All of us taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the season.

Ava Cantrell @avacantrellphotography

Janina Cantrell

Azure By Chloe
Marni Kids

Claire Devine @iamclairedevine Dylan Devine @iamdylandevine

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