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Skating to my own beat

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Nothing is more fun than going skating by the beach, and hamming it up with your girlfriends! When we discovered Hammies Shorts in Santa Barbara, we knew that we wanted to showcase this amazing brand in an epic editorial. The whole shoot came together easily once we had their staple shorts and rompers as our base for the styling. We paired Hammies Shorts with vintage skates, cute graphic t-shirts, and these amazing Pride Socks that take us back to a vintage 70's skating scene.

Photography :
Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography
Models :
Aliyah Lusk @aliyahlusk_
Marsaille Wells @marsaillewells
Emma Rose Barclay @emma_rose_barclay
Lauren Jeffers @itslaurensophia
Geianna Gonzalez @geiannagonzalez_
Mia Butler @life_with_mia_nina
Jaeda Rodriguez @jaeda_rodriguez06
Keira Rose Pepper @keirarosepepper
Siennah Michaela @siennahmichaela_
Zuri Miles @zuri_miles
Vivienne Rose @iam.viviennerose
Alexandra Bull @alexandrabull__
Make Up :
Cristina Olivito @cristina_olivito Hair:
Leilani Dumlao Hunter @ladyshear
Fashion: Hammies Shorts @hammieshorts
Pride Socks @pridesocks
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