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Suit Up!... We Look Good.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

When looking for children's suits, it is hard to find anything other than uncomfortably cut black or blue suits. Suits are something that most children balk at wearing. They complain that it is hot, uncomfortable, itchy even. An item of clothing that you have to have, but that you just put in the back of the closet, waiting for the next occasion you have to hear them whine about having to wear it. When I discovered the amazing designer of Le Petit Gentleman I knew I had found someone who was creating something very, very special. No matter what child I presented the suits to, their faces lit up, their smiles took over and they could hardly wait to put the suits on. Not only that, but they did not want to take the suits off once the shoot was over. I knew I wanted to try them on girls too, because who doesn't love a woman in a power suit? And I was rewarded with some amazing photos! This is an experience that left all children feeling extremely confident in themselves. From the smallest little gentleman to the girliest girl of the bunch. I cannot recommend these suits enough. They are so gorgeous in person, superbly crafted, and absolutely stunning in all situations whether it's a sunday morning walk, or a red carpet event.

Here is a what Marlene told me when I asked her about her company:

My name is Marlene Okojie. I am the owner of Le Petit Gentleman, an online store that specializes in providing the finest quality suits and accessories for little gentlemen worldwide. Being a mom of two boys, I know first-hand the daily challenges that come with finding unique and stylish suits for boys. Pushed by this burning de- sire to close a gap in the market for childrenswear that is unique, luxurious, stylish, and comfortable for kids to wear for special occasions. Thus, Le Petit Gentleman was created in 2018 to help moms like myself who want to shop for elegant and stylish pieces while also making sure their kids look their best. Through collaborative efforts, Le Petit Gentleman has become one of the best emerging children's wear brands. It fast becoming known as the go to shop for celebrity kids, kid models, and little influencers in Hollywood and around the world. We are helping kids standout and exude confidence with style one suit at a time.

Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography
Make Up:
Cristina Olivito @cristina_olivito

Garrison Mathews @garrisoncmathrews
Jesse Benites
Keira Rose Pepper @keirarosepepper
Pria @lovepria
Lincoln Carter @lincolncarter88
Grae Mathews @graecartermathews
Emma Luna Garcia
Zuri Miles @zuri_miles
Anis Sienna @anissienna_
Naoki @naokismiles
Victoria Field @thevictoriafield
Jorge Lozano III
Zeke Bautista
Journey Christine @journeychristine
Hayden Jax Detar
Siennah Michaela @siennahmichaela_

Le Petit Gentleman @lepetit_gent
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