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We Hang Out... Parisian Style

There is nothing better in the children's fashion scene than brands that value both construction and style. My go to fashion for young kids has always been European brands. From Jacadi to Petit Bateau, European staples tend to last a much longer time, and they always have their finger on fashion's pulse. I was thrilled when we were asked to show case two amazing French brands and a London based brand in this editorial .

First we have Givenchy, the heavy hitter. One of the most iconic fashion house. Their style is never boring, always flattering, and yet it shines in its simplicity. From their gorgeous dresses to their sports wear, it's a pleasure to put on some Givenchy fashion. Givenchy exudes an understated elegance that will simply make any child shine.

Oeuf NYC is the next brand we had the pleasure of shooting, and let me tell you... this one is my "coup de coeur". I am crushing hard on this brand that is ethically produced, and just screams childhood in the French country side to me. This fall/winter collection is seriously adorable, with knitted clothing that kids will love wearing because it isn't itchy since the wool is sourced from baby alpaca and is one of the softest wools you can use in clothing. Add to that the "Be My Neighbor" moto, inspired by Mister Rogers, it simply makes me want to just buy it all. I won't lie I really wish they made some mommy and me sweaters and jumpers! Hint, hint!

Last but not least is Rasberry Plum, another ethically made, stunning children's line. There is always so much whimsy in all of their collections, and this one does not disappoint. It combines vintage feeling of those grand dresses girls used to wear, with a punk rock attitude. The graphics are bold, bright and make you want to dance. Everything about this collection is made for kids who have a great sense of individuality. What I love about Rasberry Plum is their dedication not only in creating stunning clothing that kids will love to wear, but their commitment to helping the country of Serbia as well as helping the Novak Djokovic Foundation which helps provide education to all children.

Our models had a wonderful afternoon at LAC- MA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), playing among one of the most iconic art installations in Los Angeles, California.

Marie Lafranque @marielafranquephotography

Make Up:
Cristina Olivito @cristina_olivito

Givenchy @givenchyofficial
Oeuf NYX @oeufnyc
Raspberry Plum @raspberryplum

Cameron Corona @cameron_corona_ Tandi Akwen Fomukong @tandiakwen Bea Anwi Fomukong @beatricheanwi Isabella Peretz @isabellathedancer5678 Shilat Peretz @origin_by_idith Ellie Rose Gonzalez @ellie.rose.gonzalez Erica Rose Gonzalez @erica.rose.gonzalez Kyrie I. @superkyrious Keira Rose Pepper @keirarosepepper Sophia Valentina @sophiavalentina_official Landon Harris @harris_party
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